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roomioTV transforms the hotel television experience. The interactive channel guide allows guests to see what shows are playing on each of the hotel’s existing channels. Guests can enjoy live TV, and TV-on-Demand, which allows guests to watch any show on the internet. This newest version of roomioTV can run video apps (Netflix, etc.) and link any internet page to an icon for easy access. roomioTV has now secured advertising contracts that will pay for the system.

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Channel Guide

roomioTV provides an interactive channel guide over your existing television service. Guests easily navigate to find their favorite networks and shows.


Your guests will have access to unlimited streaming TV and Video on Demand.


roomioTV offers dozens of travel and entertainment apps nationally and geographically targeted, that link your guests to highly relevant products and services.

Special Interest Channels

Stream special interest channels (OTT) like Golf, Wine, Yoga, and more directly to your guests.


Enjoy a wide variety of beautiful and peaceful ambiance channels to diversify your repertoire in the comfort of your hotel room.

Meet Our Team

roomioTV brings the dream to life, and makes advanced television technology finally accessible to all hotel segments.

  • Richard Alter

    Richard Alter

    Founder & CEO

  • Richard Alter

    Scott Valcourt

    Software & Technology

  • Richard Alter

    Dan Phillips


  • Anthony Dilulio

    Anthony Dilulio


  • Richard Alter

    Roger Tuttle

    Financial Leadership

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